Curves are better than squares...
Being fed up looking at the standard square styled cocktail cabinets that have flooded the market over the years I decided to design a machine that looked
a little more on the curvacious side.....

Each machine is constructed from professional grade Moisture resistant textured melamine faced MDF.

Cad designed and then precision cut on a pacer 2512K CNC router so each machine is manufactured to the highest possible standard.

The glass top that covers the machines are all hand cut to exactly match the contour. They are then toughened and polished and conform to BSA 6206A. (kitemark stamped)

The components fitted are of genuine arcade quality, all of which are guaranteed for the lifetime of each machine.
The machines joystick's have a resrictor plate which allows you to restrict the joystick movement to either 2,4 or 8 way movement. As default it is set to 8 way.

The monitors installed are the latest model from LG's 18.5" range of LCD screens providing perfect crystal clear viewing angles.

Each machine uses a dedicated game PCB with over 50 classic arcade games from the 70's and 80's.
Full game list can be found here

The game system is extremley user friendly and requires no technical knowledge of arcade machines in order to use it.
Simply power on the machine and after a small period of time while the machine goes through its boot up process you will be presented with its on screen menu.
Here you can scroll through the list of games and choose your game.

Conventional arcade cocktail cabinets tend to be square in design and have all four sides touching the floor. These models have only the two main sides touching the floor. This allows the raised area underneath the cabinet to be used to greater effect.

Firstly it allows for superior airflow around the cabinet and so reduces the need for large unsightly cooling fans to be on display.
Secondly it gives the opportunity to add colour coordinated ambient floor lighting to the underneath.

Underneath the player one control panel on the home model you will find the admin buttons along with the lighting control switch. This alleviates any need to unlock and open the cabinet should you choose to access any of the games service or test menus.

Finally built into the underside of both player control panels are the cabinets speakers. Placing the speakers here gives greater sound clarity to each player as they are in direct range of the audio output, this also helps to keep the cabinets design sleek and unbroken.



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